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Description: Latin name: Tropaeolum majus
Family and Genus: Nasturtium Division
Flower Language: Love is everywhere, but you distracted.
Attributes: Annual or perennial herbaceous trailing
Flowering: February to May
Color: Creamy yellow

Growth Habit:
Temperature of
Growth of Optimum Temperature Sowing Time Space Environment Days of Germination Sow to Bloom
18-20? 15-30? March to June, or early Sept. 30x40cm Warm, Moisture, Avoid exposure 5-7 days About 60 days

Planting Way:
1. Soak the seeds with warm water about 24 hours, then remove skin and accelerating germination with paper.
2. Germinate after 5-7 days, put the seed with treatment evenly into soil, covering depth is 1-1.5cm
3. When seedling grows 4 true leaves, pick 2 leaves. If the branch of seedling grows 4 true leaves, still pick 2 leaves. It need to repeatedly pick leaves that the plant will grow well.
4. Spray the root or leaves with monopotassium phosphate diluent every other 10 days
5. If not need the seeds, pick the old flower after flowering, to be good for new bud to grow.

Package Include:
25 X Nasturtium Seeds

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