40pcs purple maple seeds rare color beautiful purple ghost bonsai plants trees Sale


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40Pcs Purple Maple Seeds Rare Color Beautiful Purple Ghost Bonsai Plants TreesNormally we call it purple ghost, it can maple makes the garden special.Seems like the mysterious color can only exist in the fairy tale.Specifications :Germination time : 10-15 daysGermination temperature : 18-25 Celsius.Applications : Garden, living room, potted plants, garden.Planting Methods :Before sowing seeds immersed in cold water at first to remove impurities, after disinfection with warm water soaking 48 hours, then rinse out the upper shell and shriveled seeds, remove the remaining filled seeds to be broadcast.Spread evenly to deal with a good sand bed, pressed, then covered with clean sand, the thickness of no more than 0.5cm, just do not see the seed can be. Finally permeable spray watering can, five days before seedbed covering film after spray water once every afternoon, seven days starting emergence, from 15 to 20 days at a time basically. Before emergence temperature does not exceed 30 degrees, no more than 28 degrees After emergence, the temperature is too high to be promptly windows open for ventilation, shading, most 25 days after the shoot off the seed coat, cotyledon expansion, you can gradually hardening, hardening time of about 10 day, not too long to shoot just to grow lateral appropriate.Package Includes :1 x 40Pcs Purple Maple Seeds

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