200pcs monkey face orchids seeds multiple varieties plants garden bonsai flower


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Description : 200PCS Monkey Face Orchids Seeds Multiple Varieties Plants Garden Bonsai FlowerDracula simia Luer, its shape and monkey’s face is very similar, so also called monkey face orchids. For the monkey face orchids is a small epiphytes, flower-shaped peculiar and large, rich colors, and more for potting, hanging pots or hanging blue cultivation, very suitable for the bedroom window, balcony walls, commercial windows, exhibition hall entrance And so on. It’s the green plant ornaments.Specifications :Quantity : 200 pcsGermination time : 10-15 daysFor germination temperature : 15-20 Celsius.Package : 1 PP Simple PackagingApplications : Balcony, garden, living room, study, windows, office, etc.Tips :Soaked in warm water for 8 hours before planting will be better if the seeds is over 0.5mm.Because the seeds are in dormant state and need to absorb enough water to germination.Package Includes :1 x 200 PCS Monkey Face Orchids Seeds

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